Team WWP is back in action for 2009!

Hi everybody!  Happy 2009!
17 JAN 2009.  1:28pm.
Good to see you checking up on how things are going.  Just like everyone, post holiday break, I wasn’t exactly “run fit” as my British competitors like to say.  So I’ve been hammering away this past couple weeks to get back to where I need to be–ready to compete for the top spot at the Old Pueblo 50 Miler in early March.

Other than telling you and showing you that I’m keeping on top of things, I wanted to give you an update as to where we are and where we’re going:
*Looking at changing the Ice Age Trail 50 in May.  We’d split the event in two–the Lake Geneva Euro XC 22 Miler in May and the Afton Trail Run 50K in July.  Both are great events that provide great opportunities to get Team WWP’s word out.
*Social events: provided that the Army allows it, I’ll be in Minnesota March 20-21 for some sponsored socials.  The first would be on Friday, March 20th,  hosted by the University of Saint Thomas Military Law Society, likely at The Local on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.  The second would be on Saturday, March 21st, in Woodbury.  Both are in early planning stages.
*Shirts!  You asked, we will provide.  We’ve just made our initial purchase of Asics Golden tech shirts & Brooks Gator Green tech shirts…should be available soon!  They’ll cost, ballpark, $20 each to us, and we’re selling them for $30–the ten dollar profit goes directly to WWP.
Lastly, special thanks to my good friend Jason Delosreyes, pictured below (yes, ladies, he’s single).  He and I train together from time to time, and he volunteered to get some shots of me training…thanks Jason!
All my best & keep moving forward,

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