Sunday, 8 March 2009, 5:19am.
We did it! The Old Pueblo 50 Miler is in the bag – and with a 5th place finish! It took 8 hours and 22 minutes…and the photo you see above was like Heaven for me. As I mentioned before, I’ve never run longer than 31 miles…Pike’s Peak last year was a marathon distance, but straight up the mountain and back down – and that took 5 hours even. So this was a challenge to say the least. Friday night I slept about 6 hours, then ran for over 8! In fact, I’m writing this after waking up and needing some Ibuprofin…
Anyhow, I’m going to keep this short, as my mind is still kind of slow. I just wanted to share the good news with you…
And also mention that Tom, the guys at St. Thomas Law, and the St. Paul Vulcans have put on an amazing amount of work into our events on 20 & 21 March. We’re really excited to have you there!

See you in a couple weeks & Keep Moving Forward,



  1. wow!! great job Matt! you are amazing and an inspiration to fact I should start running again! its been almost 3 months since baby so i think i will try soon!

  2. We've been following your accomplishments on the other site and I JUST figured out how to comment on this one! I'm old… Anyway, keep up the pace1 You're a great inspiration and model for us all while keeping our wounded warriors in the public eye!

  3. Today, we're going to the Veteran's Parade in downtown Reno. We'll be following the parade to the end of Virginia street, north to the fly over point. At the start, a ceremony will be held to honor the deceased local veterans by tossing small wreaths into the Truckee River from the Virginai Street Bridge. No honor to them can be too great.

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