28 MARCH 09, 6:24am.
Team WWP has a new objective – $50,000!!! I don’t know how to type that without getting excited, so I’ll apologize right now to the English majors in the audience that cringe at the triple exclamation point.
We had a great weekend at The Local (sponsored by the UST Law – Military Law Society) and Prestwick Golf Club (sponsored by the Mooty & Gehlen families) – in sum, we raised approximately $14,000. It’s still drifting in (checks take a bit longer for verification purposes), but our grand total stands at:


With another $400 spoken for, just waiting on confirmation. So we made our first hurdle. There are so many people to thank, I don’t know where to start or finish. The first few to come to mind, though, by a long shot: Scot & Jessie Cocchiarella, Bobby & Jan and their wedding guests, Pat & Mike Reeves – our photojournalists, and the Winter Carnival Royalty and especially my good friends, last but not least, the St. Paul Vulcan’s. Tom and I are floored by your help, your dedication, your willingness to put service beyond self. Thank you.And now on to the next challenge. Tom and I are not into the bait & switch game, trust us, we just really didn’t know how amazing you all are, which is why we’re shooting for $50,000 now. So, planning-wise, back to square one! But now that we know you’re out there, part of our Team WWP, we feel much better and ready to raise support for our Nation’s Heroes.

Parting thoughts: we’re looking at the 4 July weekend as our big, last push. What better way to celebrate America’s freedom than to honor those that have sacrificed the most in it’s defense?
Also, my leg needs some healing. I’m just getting back in the swing of things, but had to cancel a trip up to the Grand Canyon next weekend to stay on the mend. I’m mindful of your commitment to the WWP – I’m equally committed to you and bringing attention to this effort by performing well. I promise to do my best all the way through…and especially at the Lake Geneva Cross Country 22 Miler…

All my best & Keep moving forward,




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  1. Matt:
    I just read your article in the Star Trib. I too live in the Cities and have found running as a refuge. I have not been through what you have, but have a passion for running and in particular, running for others. I was curious if I could exchange some emails with you about your training, support tactics, and future plans. I have been thinking through a few runs and also looking for partners on my long runs. If you are interested in getting in touch shoot me an email.

    eric holst

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