6 JULY 2009

Hey Everybody,
We had an amazing weekend…and I only have a few minutes to write about it…so here are the highlights:
My partner Mary Kreis and I ran in the Afton Trail 25k on Saturday, 4 July.  Mary did well amongst the female competitors and I finished 2nd overall ~ the guy that beat me absolutely smoked the course record and was an amazing athlete.  The race director, John Storkamp couldn’t have been more welcoming to what we’re doing, and even gave us a donation out of the race’s profits.  Considering they’re a smaller race ~ John & ATR: great thanks!!
Also, we went on over to the Twins game Friday night…and the Vulcan’s had myself, Mary, and my beautiful fiancee Rachel ride with them in the annual Afton 4th of July parade.  It was awesome!  Small town America at it’s best, celebrating our independence and the rights and values we’ve come to cherish as a people.  We rode on “Luverne,” a 1932 antique fire truck they’ve converted into a sort of party wagon…
More to follow, that was just a quick update…thank you so much for keeping track of us!  Our spirits are high as we keep plugging away at that $50,000 goal…
All my best & Keep moving forward, Matt


  1. Matt,

    I think what you are doing for the Wounded Warrior Project is so admirable. And I know that the men and women who benefit from the funds must be so appreciative. Thank you for those miles for those that have sacrificed so much.

    Amy K. Sitze
    CPT, USA

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