Our Team WWP Fundraiser


Team WWP is grateful for the support and generosity of ~
Last thoughts ~ we’re on the final countdown! 6 days to go until the big show! I’ve got a 5km in Minneapolis next Saturday (“Irish for a Day”), which will be not-so-great (I really don’t like shorter distance races), then our annual Silent Auction in Minnesota. We’ve sold 500 tickets to the event so far, and have plenty of food and space for more!
Oh, and the photo below is from the Army’s Athlete of the Year Award ~ General Dempsey is on the left, General Dunwoody is next to him (first female 4 star in the Army!), and the older gentleman next to me is General Sullivan (retired Chief of Staff of the Army).
Ok, gotta run, literally…see you next Saturday!
All my best & Keep moving forward, Matt

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