It’s almost time to start running again. After shutting everything down at the end of last September, 5 full months later, I’m starting to believe that I’m close to being 100% again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that. The acupuncture treatments with Dr. Yan have worked exceptionally well, and each time after I get off the table I feel better than the previous visit. I’ve now gone in to see him a total of 6 times, each visit is pretty much the same: he puts 1-2 needles in the point of greatest pain (top left corner of the left kneecap), one in the muscle that extends along my shin, and one in the longest muscle of the left quadriceps. Then I sit there, reading Time magazine, for 35 minutes or so. That’s it. Frankly, I’m astounded at how well it’s worked, and, reflected on the ease with which he is able to ease pain in such a non-invasive manner. I remember taking ibuprofin, 4 x 800mg/day in college! And, of course, it led me to think about severely wounded Veterans and their troubles with the various medications necessary to keep them on the road to recovery…below you’ll find a link to a NY Times piece on this very subject:

Great NY Times piece on Veteran rehabilitation.

All I can say is that acupuncture has helped me with my physical rehab, which ~ is just really lonely and frustrating! I miss running with friends, outside…that’s what enables me to feel a sense of personal rejuvenation…that’s helped so much since returning from the desert.

Anyhow, I’m getting close. So close that I’ve already entered my first race for this year: the North Face 50k Trail Championships in San Francisco, on December 3. I’ll race more before and after this one, but that’s the starting point…

And over the next couple of weeks you’ll read more about the full schedule. I’ve got an exciting announcement about quite an adventure, a race I’ve been thinking a long time about tackling, that’ll really test my endurance and stamina as a person…

Lastly, over the coming two weeks, you’ll read about our event in Minnesota at the beginning of April. It’s time to get the word out and get people excited about this amazing event!

All my best & keep moving forward, Matt

P.S. Please put a positive thought in your mind for the people of Christchurch ~ to get hit with a second earthquake ~ it’s been very similar to the mood/feeling in the US after September 11th. They’ve been put in a terrible situation, and pushed through with strength…

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