3rd Annual Fundraiser…and I’m really running again!

This serves as your official invitation to Team Minnesota/WWP’s Third Annual Gala! The last two years have been wildly successful, and Tom and I would love to have you with us on the 10th! The Saint Paul Vulcans have put a lot of hard work and effort into this, and have graced us with their support…we’re so proud to be affiliated with a great community organization like the Vulcans!

So please come out on Sunday afternoon! I promise this will be the best bit of money you spend all year!

Also, and I’ll be brief about this, but I ran 32 miles this past week…every day. The healing is progressing on schedule, and I’m so excited to get under way with this year’s schedule!

See you on Sunday…

All my best & Keep moving forward, Matt

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  1. Matt, Tom and all,
    I was at the Gala and as the parent of a Wounded Warrior I cried from the prayer, to the videos, to the auction, and enthusiasum of everyone there. Best moment of the night was when the video showed the hunting trips WW go on, which my son will go on for the 1st time the 14th of April, I got a call telling me my WW tied his shoes by himself for the first time since he was injured. Thank you for a great night, and making Minnesota aware of the WWP. I never heard of the WWP until my son became one.
    Leanne Stevens


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