This past week shows continued development. Approximately 47 miles, including a 10 miler yesterday (at 7:30/mile pace). With today, being Sunday, off (trying to keep the Sabbath holy and, well, for family purposes). So 6 days, 47 miles, nearly an 8 mile/day average.

The broken foot still feels not quite right, but, certainly not broken anymore. I have a follow up in a couple weeks with the orthopedic doctor to confirm (via x-ray) that I haven’t left myself with a stress fracture. The knee continues to make progress, albeit slow. It still hurts in its own way, but the pain is slight enough to not warrant serious attention. I’m hoping for continued improvement each week until it’s just about gone entirely (but maybe that’s wishful thinking).

It all adds up to this: I have 4 months until my Western States 100 (2012) qualifier at the Great Naseby Water Race 50 Miler, and then some recovery until the North Face US 50k Championships in early December. I’m hoping to get to a strong 80 miles/week by the end of July, with a few back to back Friday/Saturday runs that total 50 miles or so, leading up to Naseby. Keep your fingers crossed!

The picture at left was drawn by former artist of the US Marine Corps Michael D. Fay. He’s working with the NY Times on a series about our nation’s wounded…specifically, their recoveries.

NY Times series following severely wounded Marines through recovery.

It’s an unabridged look at the daily grind, the steps it takes (actually, very, very small steps) to get back to some semblance of normal. Please consider reading the story, and take special note of the difficulty in just getting into the wheelchair – think of how it must be to have to go through such a struggle to get to be a mobile person. I’d compare it to having to go through an hour long hot yoga session every time you wanted to get in the car.

That’s all for this week. Rachel and I are down to a month or so until Grace Victoria is born…we’re getting very excited to meet her!
All my best & Keep moving forward, Matt

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