Yesterday was the Wellington Marathon, which I finished in 2:57 (seen at left), about a 6:46/mile pace. I took the photo because the course was almost 1/4 mile too long (as the official results show me finishing in 2:59). That happens from time to time with races…you just sort of shrug it off knowing what you actually did.

That said, I got out of the marathon what I wanted: I ran consistently, better than the pace I’d hoped for, through adverse conditions (lots of rain and some high winds), and I’m healthy. It was exactly what I’d hoped for.

I wasn’t specifically trained for this particular event, but it was a confidence booster. The ESPN sports writer Bill Simmons wrote last year, about LeBron James, that, “every career has a tipping point when you have to pour cement on the foundation.” I see this metaphor, while inexact, is applicable to what I was shooting for yesterday. I needed to feel as though I could do a hard day’s running work, and I did. I need to “pour cement,” to see where I am. Because in 9 weeks, I’ll be running 50 miles to qualify for the Western States 100 Endurance Run. And with the confidence to do a decent 26.2, I believe I can accomplish my objective (sub 7 hours, 30 minutes?) at the Great Naseby Water Race 50 Miler. 9 weeks to go.

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