War Council Earns West Point Apgar Award for Excellence in Teaching

Link to West Point Center for Faculty Excellence Apgar Award information. Link to West Point Center for Faculty Excellence Apgar Award information.

I’m very excited to announce that yesterday, at an academic luncheon hosted by the West Point Center for Faculty Excellence, the War Council project won the Apgar Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Starting in 1997, the award was established to “recognize, encourage, and reward faculty members at the Academy by supporting teaching projects that improve cadet learning.” This year there were eleven superb nominations (each of which greatly benefit cadets), available for view here.  Moreover, here one can find the War Council nomination, which explains the pedagogical process and how it fits the Apgar Award criteria.

I’m writing all this to share because this effort literally would not have been possible without your support, readership, and submissions.  There are too many people to thank specifically, but if you’ve had a hand in this enterprise, you deserve a handshake (and a drink).  I appreciate and am sincerely grateful for this community of scholar warriors – those that believe the study of war still matters.

Which reminds me: who’s got the next essay?

Author: ML Cavanaugh

Unequal parts strategist, assistant professor, wordsmith, runner, wine-o, reader, philosopher of firepower, and hopeless lover of three ladies named Rachel, Grace, and Georgie.

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