WarCouncil in Kabul: 300 Word Strategic Education Translated and in Use in Afghanistan

Image courtesy of NATO. Image courtesy of NATO.


Regular readers will know that just before the holidays (late November), I wrote a two page document that intended to form the basis for a rapid and simple introduction to the study of strategy.  I “chunked” each term into 6 word definitions and generated 50 terms – in sum, a 300 word strategic education. It was a fun exercise, that, apparently, has grown some legs…

…and flown to Kabul.  One of WarCouncil’s readers, currently working as an instructor at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy, is charged with curriculum development.  He wrote and asked for permission to translate the document to Dari and use the “WarCouncil 300 Word Strategic Education” for the Afghan cadets.  I, of course, was thrilled, calmed myself down, and said “sure.”

Here’s the resulting document, translated into Dari, with some understandable abridgment from the original.  It’s hard to express how excited I am to have this site/effort providing use to cadets in Kabul.  Also, though I was concerned, now I’m certain that the Afghan government will hold against the Taliban. I think the Vegas oddsmakers just pulled that bet as it has become a “sure thing” (and those guys are the smartest on the planet).  After all, with WarCouncil on your side, who could be against you?

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