Related to Winning Westeros

  • Appearance, with Max Brooks, at North America BookCon 2019 in NYC (video)
  • Appearance, with Max Brooks, at the Commonwealth Club (video and audio)

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Related to the Wounded Warrior Project

Related to Military Strategy & International Relations

Related to War Council events at West Point

  • John Spencer, “War Council hosts, speaks with McChrystal,” Pointer View (April 30, 2015). [PDF available here.]
  • Kathy Eastwood, “A strategic perspective on combating ISIS,” Pointer View (February 27, 2015). [PDF available here.]
  • Mike Strasser, “Junger, Kearney share Korengal experience,” Pointer View (October 3, 2014). [PDF available here.]
  • Mike Strasser, “War Council focuses on summer’s global conflicts,” Pointer View (August 28, 2014). [PDF available here.]
  • Arnold Angel-Hardy, “DSS War Council focuses on Iran,” Pointer View (October 8, 2013). [PDF available here.]
  • Mike Strasser, “DSS hosts inaugural War Council: Syria,” Pointer View (September 13, 2013). [PDF available here.]

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