Team WWP 3rd at Grand Island Trail Marathon

5 August 2010, Falls Church, VA ~
Rachel and I are sitting in the living room of a good friend’s house (thanks Ty, Jenny & Kade!) with all our most important belongings packed and ready to drive west for the TransRockies Run. We’ve had quite an adventure for the past couple of weeks getting to this point, the highlight of which was last weekend’s 3rd place finish at the Grand Island Trail Marathon in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. It was, quite simply, the best natural marathon course I’ve ever seen. Breathtaking views of Lake Superior…and great people that were inspired to see the WWP logo.

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Our Team WWP Fundraiser


Team WWP is grateful for the support and generosity of ~
Last thoughts ~ we’re on the final countdown! 6 days to go until the big show! I’ve got a 5km in Minneapolis next Saturday (“Irish for a Day”), which will be not-so-great (I really don’t like shorter distance races), then our annual Silent Auction in Minnesota. We’ve sold 500 tickets to the event so far, and have plenty of food and space for more!
Oh, and the photo below is from the Army’s Athlete of the Year Award ~ General Dempsey is on the left, General Dunwoody is next to him (first female 4 star in the Army!), and the older gentleman next to me is General Sullivan (retired Chief of Staff of the Army).
Ok, gotta run, literally…see you next Saturday!
All my best & Keep moving forward, Matt

Plans for Team WWP’s Next Year

Team WWP is proudly affiliated with and grateful for the support of ~
Thank you for taking a moment to read this important message. My name is Captain Matt Cavanaugh (U.S. Army; West Point 2002). In my two tours in Iraq, I saw fellow soldiers suffer devastating wounds, and I have watched the impact on their lives and families as they struggle to recover. On Veteran’s Day 2008, my friend & fundraising partner, Mr. Tom Cocchiarella (Air Force Veteran) and I launched “Team Wounded Warrior Project.” We dedicated ourselves to raising money and awareness on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization whose core mission is to “honor and empower [severely] Wounded Warriors.” Since then, we’ve raised approximately $42,000, spoken to numerous audiences, received local and national press coverage, and touched millions of Americans through Team Wounded Warrior Project’s efforts. We did this primarily through endurance and ultra running events. In 2009 Team WWP pushed through 250 miles; the 2010 schedule adds up to 300 cumulative miles:
2010 Event Schedule (subject to change based on my military duties):
1. Myrtle Beach Half Marathon; 13 Miles; Myrtle Beach, SC; February 2010.
2. Irish for a Day 5km; 3 Miles; Minneapolis, MN; March 2010.
3. National Marathon; 26 Miles; Washington, DC; March 2010.
4. Charlottesville Marathon; 26 Miles; Charlottesvile, VA; April 2010.
5. Comrades Marathon; 56 Miles; Durban, South Africa; May 2010.
6. Rattlesnake Trail 50km; 31 Miles; Charleston, WV; July 2010.
7. Catoctin Mountain 50km; 31 Miles; Frederick, MD; July 2010.
8. TransRockies Run; 114 Miles; Colorado Rockies; 22-27 August 2010.
I want to help the 30,000+ Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have returned home without limbs, severe burns, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, by pushing beyond my physical and mental limits in their honor. During the recovery process, America’s severely wounded are pushed beyond their physical and mental limits on a daily basis, and their families fight to help them as their lives and dreams are forever changed. These individuals simply need more than the government is able to provide them, and Tom and I feel compelled to help by taking on this challenge.
So, how can you support Team WWP? Here are two ways:
1. Use the link above to our secure donation server. From here, you can contribute directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. Your donation immediately generates a receipt for tax purposes. I respectfully ask that you consider supporting me ($1 per mile) for one or more of these events. One hundred percent of your donation goes straight to the Wounded Warrior Project; there is no “middle-man.” All training, travel, and race expenses (estimated to be $5,000-$7,000) are borne by me – not your donations.
2. Attend our 2nd Annual Team Wounded Warrior Project Silent Auction (and Comrades Marathon Sendoff) on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at the South Saint Paul VFW! Last year’s event was attended by over 300 people, raised nearly $14,000, and we hope to double that amount in 2010! We will have local celebrities, a large silent auction (St. Paul Vulcan Krewe Fire Truck, golf clubs, etc.) as well as Veteran’s groups and ROTC Honor Guards present. Food and a cash bar will be available. Email Matt if you would like to purchase an advance ticket (
Please remember the African proverb: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our support, together, can have a powerful, tangible impact on these severely wounded men and women. 2009 proved that and our 2010 season will be even greater! I humbly ask you to join with Tom and I in support of America’s severely wounded heroes and their families. They are volunteers that served bravely on our behalf, and we ask that you please help us honor them for their tremendous personal sacrifices – we must not forget them.
All Our Best & Keep Moving Forward, Matt and Tom

One Year of Team WWP: Recapping the TransRockies, Marine Corps Marathon, and some injuries

*$41,533.09 RAISED!!
11 November 2009, 6:05am, Arlington, VA
Good Morning Team WWP ~
One year. I can hardly believe it. Sincerely, this has been a fast moving period of my life, to say the least. A lot of things have changed for the good…of course, I don’t have the time to adequately address that, but it’s something I think about often. How lucky I am, how grateful I am, how thankful I am to have been given the things that I’ve been given.

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Team WWP 2nd at Afton Trail 25k

6 JULY 2009

Hey Everybody,
We had an amazing weekend…and I only have a few minutes to write about it…so here are the highlights:
My partner Mary Kreis and I ran in the Afton Trail 25k on Saturday, 4 July.  Mary did well amongst the female competitors and I finished 2nd overall ~ the guy that beat me absolutely smoked the course record and was an amazing athlete.  The race director, John Storkamp couldn’t have been more welcoming to what we’re doing, and even gave us a donation out of the race’s profits.  Considering they’re a smaller race ~ John & ATR: great thanks!!
Also, we went on over to the Twins game Friday night…and the Vulcan’s had myself, Mary, and my beautiful fiancee Rachel ride with them in the annual Afton 4th of July parade.  It was awesome!  Small town America at it’s best, celebrating our independence and the rights and values we’ve come to cherish as a people.  We rode on “Luverne,” a 1932 antique fire truck they’ve converted into a sort of party wagon…
More to follow, that was just a quick update…thank you so much for keeping track of us!  Our spirits are high as we keep plugging away at that $50,000 goal…
All my best & Keep moving forward, Matt