Team WWP 2nd at Afton Trail 25k

6 JULY 2009

Hey Everybody,
We had an amazing weekend…and I only have a few minutes to write about it…so here are the highlights:
My partner Mary Kreis and I ran in the Afton Trail 25k on Saturday, 4 July.  Mary did well amongst the female competitors and I finished 2nd overall ~ the guy that beat me absolutely smoked the course record and was an amazing athlete.  The race director, John Storkamp couldn’t have been more welcoming to what we’re doing, and even gave us a donation out of the race’s profits.  Considering they’re a smaller race ~ John & ATR: great thanks!!
Also, we went on over to the Twins game Friday night…and the Vulcan’s had myself, Mary, and my beautiful fiancee Rachel ride with them in the annual Afton 4th of July parade.  It was awesome!  Small town America at it’s best, celebrating our independence and the rights and values we’ve come to cherish as a people.  We rode on “Luverne,” a 1932 antique fire truck they’ve converted into a sort of party wagon…
More to follow, that was just a quick update…thank you so much for keeping track of us!  Our spirits are high as we keep plugging away at that $50,000 goal…
All my best & Keep moving forward, Matt

Team WWP 3rd at Harrisburg 5k

 13 JUNE 2009

Hello Team Wounded Warrior Project – thank you so much for checking up on what Tom & I have been up to!  
For starters, to paint the picture for you, I’m typing away at the computer from my new home in Carlisle, PA (part of the reason you haven’t heard from us in awhile).  I’ve also just completed Team WWP Event #3: the Colon Cancer Prevention 5k in Harrisburg, PA.  I finished 3rd overall…NOTE ~ “excuses” to follow for not winning: I was behind a recently graduated college All-American & a 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials participant…we got to know each other a bit post race and they’ll be showing me around some of the local runs this summer.

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Team WWP has a new goal: $50,000!!!


28 MARCH 09, 6:24am.
Team WWP has a new objective – $50,000!!! I don’t know how to type that without getting excited, so I’ll apologize right now to the English majors in the audience that cringe at the triple exclamation point.
We had a great weekend at The Local (sponsored by the UST Law – Military Law Society) and Prestwick Golf Club (sponsored by the Mooty & Gehlen families) – in sum, we raised approximately $14,000. It’s still drifting in (checks take a bit longer for verification purposes), but our grand total stands at:


With another $400 spoken for, just waiting on confirmation. So we made our first hurdle. There are so many people to thank, I don’t know where to start or finish. The first few to come to mind, though, by a long shot: Scot & Jessie Cocchiarella, Bobby & Jan and their wedding guests, Pat & Mike Reeves – our photojournalists, and the Winter Carnival Royalty and especially my good friends, last but not least, the St. Paul Vulcan’s. Tom and I are floored by your help, your dedication, your willingness to put service beyond self. Thank you.And now on to the next challenge. Tom and I are not into the bait & switch game, trust us, we just really didn’t know how amazing you all are, which is why we’re shooting for $50,000 now. So, planning-wise, back to square one! But now that we know you’re out there, part of our Team WWP, we feel much better and ready to raise support for our Nation’s Heroes.

Parting thoughts: we’re looking at the 4 July weekend as our big, last push. What better way to celebrate America’s freedom than to honor those that have sacrificed the most in it’s defense?
Also, my leg needs some healing. I’m just getting back in the swing of things, but had to cancel a trip up to the Grand Canyon next weekend to stay on the mend. I’m mindful of your commitment to the WWP – I’m equally committed to you and bringing attention to this effort by performing well. I promise to do my best all the way through…and especially at the Lake Geneva Cross Country 22 Miler…

All my best & Keep moving forward,




Team WWP at Old Pueblo 50 Miler

Sunday, 8 March 2009, 5:19am.
We did it! The Old Pueblo 50 Miler is in the bag – and with a 5th place finish! It took 8 hours and 22 minutes…and the photo you see above was like Heaven for me. As I mentioned before, I’ve never run longer than 31 miles…Pike’s Peak last year was a marathon distance, but straight up the mountain and back down – and that took 5 hours even. So this was a challenge to say the least. Friday night I slept about 6 hours, then ran for over 8! In fact, I’m writing this after waking up and needing some Ibuprofin…
Anyhow, I’m going to keep this short, as my mind is still kind of slow. I just wanted to share the good news with you…
And also mention that Tom, the guys at St. Thomas Law, and the St. Paul Vulcans have put on an amazing amount of work into our events on 20 & 21 March. We’re really excited to have you there!

See you in a couple weeks & Keep Moving Forward,


Team WWP at National XC Championships

Team Wounded Warrior Project makes a surprise showing at the National and Armed Forces Cross Country Championships in Derwood, MD on 7 February 2009!

22 February 2009, 6:37am.
Good morning everybody–thank you so much for checking out what Team WWP is up to. Trust me, it’s been a lot. We’re very excited at what we have planned.
I’ll start by explaining the pictures. I was selected to represent the Army as a part of the All Army XC Team at the National/Armed Forces Championships. I was picked as an alternate, 6th guy of 6 on the Men’s Team, so I found out about a week and a half in advance. And, no joke, it was my first XC race ever (in my life). But it was a great experience. I was the first Army guy to cross the line, and overall I finished in the middle of the pack (the winner was Meb Keflezighi, the Olympic Silver Medalist at the Athens games–so this was a tough pack). Of the Armed Forces runners, I ran well enough to be a very likely choice for the International Military XC Championships in December in the Ivory Coast.
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Team WWP Shirts


1 February 09, 7:07am.

Big announcement to make: we have official TEAM WWP shirts (click on them to get a better look), and are ready to take orders!! Our first batch came off the screen presses this past week…we only had a few made (64) to test the waters & see what kind of interest we’ll have. But they look great and those that have seen them have been pushing money my way! Special thanks goes to Lisa Timm (Tom Cocchiarella’s daughter), our Graphic Designer…who labored through several late nights after putting her newborn son to bed to get these shirts to look as good as they do–thanks Lisa!
The shirts cost $30 — they’re $20 to create, and the other $10 goes to the WWP. (More on how to purchase below).

Both shirts are 100% polyester tech fabric (wash cold & hang dry and they’ll last forever).

The Brooks Podium shirts, Gator color are unisex and are size XS – XXL.


The Asics Core shirts, Golden are both male (S – XXL) and female sized (XS – XL).


So how do you order?

Send an email to with your name, address, size & color shirt…I’ll have the shirt made for you. We’ll work out arrangements for delivery. If you’re from Minnesota, then likely we’ll deliver to you at the events we have planned on March 20 & 21…if not, we’ll use the US Postal Service…

At the same time, you’ll mail me a check ($30/shirt, please make the checks out to me) at:

CPT Matt Cavanaugh
4400 Busby Drive, Apt. #1147L
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Also, as a side note before closing, I’m running for the Army at the Armed Forces Cross-Country Championships this coming Saturday, February 7th. It’s a part of the National XC Championships…so the best runners in the country will be on the course…wish me luck…I’ll need it!


That’s all for now–thank you so much for supporting us–we’re making good progress for our severely wounded veterans due to your help! If you have any suggestions or ideas (e.g. swinging your workplace towards WWP’s cause), please feel free to send them my way…

All my best & keep moving forward,