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Click on over to Strategy Notes, a newsletter written by me—ML (Matt) Cavanaugh—where I dispatch & cache my field notes on strategy-making for life, war, business, politics and power. My aim is to expand strategic knowledge by sharing lessons from battle, books, and the classroom. If there’s one North Star here, it’s that the tactician fights harder, tougher, longer. The strategist changes the game.

Strategy Notes runs on Substack, a medium that enables writers to build better connections to small, tightly-bound communities. These communities bypass and break-free from the social media shouting match to tackle really wicked challenges.

What you’ll get

Strategy Notes publishes every Monday morning (on launch in early 2021). Strategy is the simplest, hardest thing at which to succeed. Side-stepping confusion is usually the biggest hurdle. SN’s goal is a few minutes’ of conversational writing that’ll put a few extra bullets in your strategy-ammo-belt. (It’s better to have ‘em and not need ‘em than need ‘em and not have ‘em, as the saying goes.)

Weekly, you should expect insights for strategy and strategies for insight, from an award-winning professional military strategist and former West Point strategy professor. I’ve spent decades in service organizations, writing a war plan in South Korea, a command vision for future high-tech conflict, and the past dozen observing firsthand what differentiates successful generals from unsuccessful ones (a subject I’ll take on in my forthcoming book, The Art of the General). Many of these battle-borne experiences and principles apply well in other competitive contests.

The upshot is that strategies have infinite forms—but there’s really only one consistently successful strategy—that’s to change the game. 

Insights are cheap, but good ones aren’t free. One idea can change everything. Strategy Notes is $10/month, a little over a quarter a day, a wise investment with great upside. Two-thirds of the posts, more or less, will be subscriber-exclusive. Subscribers also get one-on-one response, as appropriate, and dibs on leading the conversation and directing the topics covered in Strategy Notes.

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