Four Deaths in Niger and the Savage Logic of Military Operations

*Note: This essay was originally published on the Modern War Institute’s Commentary & Analysis site. It can also be found online here

The furor over the recent loss of four Army Special Forces soldiers’ raises the grandest question of them all: Why?

To answer, we have to peek through the fog that often clouds military operations—to reveal an uncomfortable truth.

Two rigid, bloody axioms govern the logic of military operations: time is often more valuable than human life, and the good of the many nearly always matters more than the few. Continue reading “Four Deaths in Niger and the Savage Logic of Military Operations”

US Blood and Treasure

In a recent Foreign Policy blog entry, Paul Miller lays out a response to former Utah Governor (and Ambassador to China) Jon Huntsman’s comment that the US has given its “all” to Afghanistan. Miller compares the efforts there with previous wars in terms of blood and treasure.

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