After Action Review: Operation UNDERBELLY

*Note: This essay was originally published on the Modern War Institute’s Commentary & Analysis site.

There are lessons from wars of the past. There are lessons from wars of the present. And there are lessons from wars of the future.

MWI Fellow August Cole proves this third point in his exceptional work of short fiction, “UNDERBELLY,” which “explores what war in Europe against an increasingly aggressive Russia might look like with a dramatically reduced US commitment to NATO.” The tale envisions a new role for the American Sheriff in which it only provides “logistic, intelligence, and technical support” to NATO in a crisis. Operation UNDERBELLY then, is a British-led, multi-national European military effort to drive back the Russians in the Baltics. And strategists, planners, and tacticians can apply today’s tools to learn from this fictitious future-look. Continue reading “After Action Review: Operation UNDERBELLY”

What is your residual?

Image courtesy of FistfulofTalent. Image courtesy of FistfulofTalent.


I recently grabbed an old Sports Illustrated (June 23, 2014), and read an Albert Chen story (“Business As Usual”) about the Oakland Athletics.  Yes, as the image above would signify, I’m a bit jaded about all the lessons that can be drawn from Billy Beane and the Moneyball approach (*though I still love everything that author Michael Lewis puts on paper).  But I like the concept I bumped into – enough to mention it here. Continue reading “What is your residual?”