Social dynamics key to a community’s economic growth

*Note: This essay was published in the Colorado Springs Gazette print edition on December 4, 2017. It can also be found online here.

While about 50 million Americans traveled recently for the Thanksgiving holiday, my family stayed put. Normally, as a military family, we’re on the road for the major holidays. One year it’s Christmas in Utah to see my wife’s family and summer break in Minnesota to see my relatives. The next, it’s the other way around.

But not this year. We stayed local, and several neighbors graced our table for the big feast of gratitude. Two are exceptional writers and educators, another’s a lawyer, one a linguist and cybersecurity expert, and another is a retired professional ballerina. An impressive crowd, they collectively share a descriptive term – they’re “Anywheres.” Continue reading “Social dynamics key to a community’s economic growth”

Military Power is Built On Economic Foundations

The NY Times is running a great graphical depiction of the costs of 9/11 ~ which they compute to be $3.3 trillion. About half of that, $1.649 trillion is attributed to war funding (Irag and Afghanistan). The breakdown can be seen at left.

As a nation, we chose to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, but chose not to pay for the conflicts. This decision has led to greater accumulated national debt ($14.5 trillion and rising, roughly $1.2 trillion of which we owe to China). Admiral Michael Mullen, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, famously said that our national debt is the greatest threat to American national security.

Continue reading “Military Power is Built On Economic Foundations”