Big blue frame reaction is misguided anger

*Note: This essay was published in the Colorado Springs Gazette print edition on December 19, 2017. It can also be found online here.

It’s been almost a week since the 12-foot-tall blue frame appeared at High Point in the Garden of the Gods, and the sounds of fury have been deafening. “Shocking,” “mistake,” “an eyesore,” and “piece of junk” were just a few of the negative comments in response, spurred on by a local movement to “TakeDownThatFrame” and a popular online petition.

One thing is clear: the digital horde wanted Big Blue gone. And yesterday, they got what they wanted. The city had it removed.

My view is the frame was an earnest mistake. I live within a mile of the Garden and run there at least twice a week, which means that if the giant blue rectangle had stayed as planned through 2018, then I would have been forced to see Big Blue well over 100 times this year.

But then again, it was done. It had already been drilled into the rock. Continue reading “Big blue frame reaction is misguided anger”