“Row Well and Live”: A Military Cliche That Deserves to Die

*Note: This essay was originally published on the Modern War Institute’s Commentary & Analysis site.

“Row well and live” is a perfect slogan if you happen to work at the DMV. But that saying has no place in a modern military headquarters, and to suggest it as guidance to young military officers is inaccurate and inappropriate.

But, somehow, I just keep bumping into this pernicious phrase. Like a zombie extra on The Walking Dead, this motto just stumbles forward, well after rigor mortis has set in, alternating groans between “urghhhh” and “Row well and live.”

I’ve kicked this dead horse before, so I’ll try to be brief and merely throw another shovel-full of fresh dirt on this rotten corpse of an expression. Continue reading ““Row Well and Live”: A Military Cliche That Deserves to Die”