Interview on BBC/PRI’s ‘The World’

I had the privilege of being interviewed for Strategy Strikes Back on the May 4, 2018 (“May the Fourth Be With You…”) edition of BBC/PRI’s ‘The World’ – here’s the link – it’s the   last seven minutes of the show. Enjoy! (I did!)

The Universal War

*Note: This essay was published at From the Green Notebook on May 1, 2018. It can also be found online here.

Whether I was with cadets or Koreans, I had a problem.

As a military officer assigned to teach military strategy at West Point, and then on a staff alongside officers from the Republic of Korea, I kept bumping into the same challenge. Whenever I wanted to talk strategy, I could never get my point across.

We were just never on the same page. You see, for two people to talk strategy, both must be familiar with the case in question, whether it’s in business, politics, or war. To discuss even something as studied as strategy in the American Civil War requires both parties to be deeply knowledgeable about the conflict. This necessary baseline quickly creates communication problems, particularly across national divides. Continue reading “The Universal War”