Book – Editor

Strategy Strikes Back: How Star Wars Explains Modern Military Conflict, eds. John Amble, Max Brooks, ML Cavanaugh, and Jaym Gates (Washington, DC: Potomac Books, 2018).

Book – Chapter

“Rebalancing Land Forces in the UK and Australia: Enable the Human Network,” in American Grand Strategy and the Future of U.S. Landpower, ed. Isaiah Wilson III et al (Carlisle, PA: U.S. Army War College Press, 2014), 177-188.

Refereed Journals

“Strategic Education for All Junior Officers: Building Morale and Enabling Adaptability,” Infinity Journal Volume 3, Issue No. 2 (Spring Edition, 2013).

“On Strategic Understanding: Teaching Strategy from the Ground Up,” Military Review, (July/August 2014).

 “Networking and Generalship Across the Anglo-Pacific,” with co-author Nicholas Howard, Military Review, (January/February 2015).

Manuscripts Under Review

“The Historical Staff Ride, Version 2.0: Educational and Strategic Frameworks,” under review at the Infinity Journal.

Major Daily Publications

“Members of Congress serve in the military. They Shouldn’t.” Washington Post (June 2, 2017).

“Their Chairs Are Empty, but We Know What Their Sacrifice Was For,” Wall Street Journal (May 26, 2017).

“Why Officers Shouldn’t Vote,” New York Times (October 19, 2016). [Print title; Available online at nytimes.com as “I Fight for Your Right to Vote. But I Won’t Do It Myself”]

“To fight Zika, deploy the National Guard,” Chicago Tribune (May 27, 2016). [Available at chicagotribune.com]

“Ivy League should do more to promote ROTC,” USA Today (April 21, 2016). [Available at usatoday.com]

Refereed Online Publications

“The Mike Flynn Problem is Actually a Profession of Arms Problem,” War On The Rocks (March 16, 2017). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“A Straitjacket Strategy to Contain North Korea,” The National Interest (February 8, 2017). [Available at national interest.org]

“To Study Modern War, There Is No Substitute for Going,” War On The Rocks (July 27, 2016). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“The Soldier’s Question: Why Go Over There?,” War On The Rocks (July 15, 2016). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“In Search of Seamless Interoperability in Korea: The First Year of the R.O.K.-U.S. Combined Division,” War On The Rocks (June 24, 2016) [Available at warontherocks.com]

“On the Eternal Importance of Demographics and Allies,” War On The Rocks (April 28, 2016). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“A Netflix Assessment of China’s Rise and America’s Advantage,” War On The Rocks (April 20, 2016). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“Soju Soldiers: KATUSAs, GIs, and the Search for the Bottom of the Bottle,” War On The Rocks (March 29, 2016). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“The Way Home from ‘A War’,” War On The Rocks (February 11, 2016). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“The Forgotten Threat: North Korea as America’s Most Durable, Dangerous, and Diverse Enemy,” War On The Rocks (December 9, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“A Smith’s-Eye View from Korea on Army Headquarters Reduction,” War On The Rocks (December 7, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“Life and Death in a Minefield with Kilo Two Bravo, War On The Rocks (October 28, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“A Soldier Can Never Die in Vain,” War On The Rocks (October 12, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“Sinking A Wrong Idea, Again,” War On The Rocks (October 5, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“The Military’s Purpose is Not to Kill People and Break Things,” War On The Rocks (August 26, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“The Painful Privilege: Why Deployed Soldiers Feel Like ‘The Walking Dead,'” War On The Rocks (July 30, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“On Deployment: Love and Duty in Modern War,” War On The Rocks (June 25, 2015). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“The Civil-Military Bridge, Part 1: Simplification and Shorthand Abstractions,” War On The Rocks (February 18, 2014). [Available at warontherocks.com]

“The Long Gray Online: Driving Military Leadership and Innovation Online,” co-author with Nathan Finney and John McRae, Cicero Magazine (November 25, 2014). [Available at ciceromagazine.com] 

“Fear Paralyzes Pacific As Army Major Awaits Hearing,” Atlantic Council: Art of Future Warfare Project (January 15, 2015). [Available at artoffuturewarfare.org]

Works In Progress

“Critical Analysis as Strategic Framework”

“Generalship and Transition to Phase IV: Eisenhower in Western Europe”

Online Publications

“A Very Unequal Dialogue: New America/Arizona State University Future of War Conference and Civil-Military Relations,” Foreign Policy: The Best Defense (March 2, 2015). [Available at ricks.foreignpolicy.com]

“Destroying Value: ISIS, The Anaconda, and War on the Cheap,” The Bridge (September 29, 2014). [Available at medium.com/the-bridge]

“Where are the professional military voices in New America’s project on the future of war?” Foreign Policy: The Best Defense (April 23, 2014). [Available at ricks.foreignpolicy.com]

“The Decay of the Profession of Arms,” Foreign Policy: The Best Defense (January 8, 2014). [Available at ricks.foreignpolicy.com]

“Military Strategic Considerations [of American Military Intervention in Iran],” Small Wars Journal (October 21, 2013). [Available at smallwarsjournal.com]

“Is [Syrian Intervention] Wise?” Small Wars Journal (September 24, 2013). [Available at smallwarsjournal.com]