Book – Chapter

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Refereed Journals

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 “Networking and Generalship Across the Anglo-Pacific,” with co-author Nicholas Howard, Military Review, (January/February 2015).

Manuscripts Under Review

“The Historical Staff Ride, Version 2.0: Educational and Strategic Frameworks,” under review at the Infinity Journal.

Major Daily Publications

“Why Officers Shouldn’t Vote,” New York Times (October 19, 2016). [Print title; Available online at nytimes.com as “I Fight for Your Right to Vote. But I Won’t Do It Myself”]

“To fight Zika, deploy the National Guard,” Chicago Tribune (May 27, 2016). [Available at chicagotribune.com]

“Ivy League should do more to promote ROTC,” USA Today (April 21, 2016). [Available at usatoday.com]

Refereed Online Publications

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Works In Progress

“Critical Analysis as Strategic Framework”

“Generalship and Transition to Phase IV: Eisenhower in Western Europe”

Online Publications

“A Very Unequal Dialogue: New America/Arizona State University Future of War Conference and Civil-Military Relations,” Foreign Policy: The Best Defense (March 2, 2015). [Available at ricks.foreignpolicy.com]

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